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Olympic Sailing-Organisations
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    The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the governing authority for sailing world-wide. As such, the ISAF is responsible for promotion of the sport internationally, managing sailing at the Olympic Games, developing the International Yacht Racing Rules and Regulations for all sailing competitions and the training of judges, umpires and other administrators, the development of the sport around the world, as well as representing sailors in all matters concerning the sport.

    In order to promote the development of the sport the ISAF has established several events - including, but not limited to the ISAF World Sailing Championships (for Olympic equipment), ISAF World Sailing Games, ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship, ISAF Team Racing World Championship, ISAF Match Racing World Championship, ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship, ISAF Women's Keelboat World Championship, as well as endorsing AND grading the top international match racing and Olympic Class regattas, the results of which go towards sailors' world rankings, which are administered by ISAF.

    The ISAF currently consists of 114 member nations who are its principle members, and responsible for the decision making process that governs the sailing world. There are currently 79 ISAF International, Recognized and Classic Yacht Classes, ranging from the smallest being the Optimist Dinghy to the largest, the Maxi One-Design. Paul Henderson was elected as the president in 1994.

    Chinese Yachting Association (CA) is a national mass sports organization and member of the All-China Sports Federation, originally under the Chinese Sporting Ships Association. In 1981, the Chinese Yachting Association was founded separately, which was renamed Chinese Sailing Association in 1986. Its highest organ of power is the CSAA National Committee, and the secretariat is in charge of the administration work.


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