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“City of Sails”Will Tend Towards the World
青岛帆船网 2010-01-31 16:22:39 

    After Yin Jian won China’s first gold medal of Windsurfer-Women event, Wei Di, the director of Water Sports Administration Center of State General Administration of Sport, said that Chinese athletes had created history in Qingdao and won honors for the country, and the honors also belonged to Qingdao, and that the historic success was a sincere reward to the hard efforts made by Qingdao. Wei Di said, “As the cradle of Chinese sailing, Qingdao has contributed to the popularization of national sailing and the development of water sports. Chinese athlete won the gold medal at Olympic Sailing Regatta depending on her hard training in recent years as well as the home advantage Qingdao has created. In recent years, Qingdao has created good training conditions for national sailing athletes and provided perfect service to them. Meanwhile, Qingdao has been highly praised for perfectly organizing the Sailing Regatta.” Wei Di added, “Chinese athletes have made a historic breakthrough in Qingdao, and it will greatly encourage the athletes and coaches. Especially, with the brand of “City of Sails”, Qingdao has been carrying out the plan of ‘Thousands of Ships Sail Together’ among adolescents, and has created a good channel and platform for children to go close to the ocean. This will lay a stronger foundation for the long-term development of China’s water sports and sailing. ‘City of Sails’ is not only a slogan for the city development, but also an important content of Chinese marine culture construction. This is of significant meaning for improving the level of city development, enhancing the development of tourism, culture, water sports, manufacturing and marine industry. It is believed that Qingdao will make continuous efforts to create history continuously and become the ‘City of Sails’ of the world. Qingdao will make contributions to help China realize the dream of becoming a strong marine country.”


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