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Preparatory Meeting of Qingdao International Sailing Week Was Held
青岛帆船网 2010-06-18 19:53:08 

    In the afternoon of 23rd, Mr. Wang Xiulin, vice mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government, convened the 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week Coordinating Conference, hearing the report on preparations for 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week and made requirements for preparations for the 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week and the First Olympic Sailing City Mayors and International Sailing Sports Summit Forum. Representatives from Qingdao Foreign Affairs Office, Qingdao Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Qingdao Overseas Chinese Federation, Qingdao Taipei Affairs Office, Qingdao Tourism Bureau, Qingdao Investment Promotion Agency, Qingdao Municipal Convention and Exhibition Office, Qingdao Sports Federation, Qingdao Newspaper Group, Qingdao TV and Qingdao City Construction Investment Group were present at the conference.

    According to the conference, the following work should be done: Firstly, we must highlight the importance of hosting the 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week, ensure that the preparation proceed steadily; Secondly, we must define responsibilities, coordinate the work relationship, optimize the working coordinating mechanisms, establish routine meeting system and liaison system; Thirdly, we must consolidate the previous work, confirming the guests that have been invited. Fourthly, we must accelerate the business bidding of the International Sailing Week; fifthly, we must strengthen the promotion work, initiating the overall propaganda. Sixthly, we must improve the programs for various activities in a detailed way.


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