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Conference on Sailing Held in Qingdao, Sailing Sports Targeted at a Coverage of 50,000 Participants This Year
青岛帆船网 2010-06-18 19:54:52 

    Posted by Ren Junfeng from Qingdao News Network on April 30, 2010

    April 30, 2010 a.m., Conference on Sailing of 2010 held by the Qingdao government was held in Hisense Multi-function Hall in Fuxin Mansion. The conference was presided over by Li Ming, Deputy Secretary General of Qingdao Municipal Government. Vice Mayor Wang Xiulin attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

    The conference pointed out that the strategic target of forging the Sailing City put forward by Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government should be earnestly implemented, and that a long-term effective mechanism for sailing sports development should be built to accelerate the strategic process of forging the Sailing city.

    First, we will popularize the knowledge of sailing and push mass sailing sports forward. We must strive to regulate, standardize and systemize student sailing sports, build and improve mass sailing events system, making it one of the mass fitness programs. We will fully carry out the “Welcome to sailing”mass sailing plan and make 50,000 Qingdao citizens receive training in and experience sailing sports in 2010.

    Second, we will reinforce cultivation of excellent sailors and implement Olympic Games Gold Winning Plan. We will form a complete system of selecting, cultivating, transmitting and training competitive sailors to secure a good result in Shandong Provincial Sports Meeting in 2010 and London Olympic Games in 2012.

    Third, we will strengthen the exchange and cooperation with international sailing circles, and introduce and develop international top level sailing events. We will attentively plan and organize the Qingdao International Sailing Week 2010, host the first Olympic Sailing City Mayors and International Sailing Summit Forum at a high standard, well organize the ‘Mayor’s Cup’ Dalian-Qingdao International Sailing Regatta, Qingdao International Sailing Regatta and International Junior Sailing Training Camp (OP Class), forge independent brand of top level sailing events, actively apply for organizing the World Match Racing Tour and make our city a center for high level sailing events and for exchange of international sailing culture and information.

    Fourth, we will accelerate the construction of sailing infrastructure, and continue to improve infrastructure for mass sailing. The non-profit sailing infrastructure along the urban coastal line and suburban coatal line shall be expanded and the sailing infrastructure built by non-governmental organizations be opened to the public.

    Fifth, we will strengthen advertising and build good environment for the development of sailing sports, form a brand promoting system integrating newspaper, radio, TV and the Internet, put the development of sailing sports at the core of the propagation work of the city, and build a favorable social atmosphere.

    Sixth, we will boost the development of sailing industry as a new economic growth point,gradually establish a diversified sailing industrial system with focus laid on the sailing fitness and leisure industry, sailing competition and show industry, sailing expo and sailing equipments manufacturing industry. We will adhere to the policy of government Guidance and market operation, encourage enterprises and social sectors to participate and invest in the development of sailing events that meet the demand of the maket demand to develop sailing industry.

    Seventh, we will set up and perfect organizing structure, and strengthen the management of sailing sports, reinforce organization construction, innovate managing model, pool all resources, explore compound managing methods to meet the demand of development of sailing sports in the post-Olympic Era.

    Wang Xiulin, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government and President of Qingdao Yachting Association gave an important speech on enhancing the work on the sailing sports. He pointed out: first, from the strategic perspective of carrying on the Olympic spirits and forging the Sailing City, we will boost the development of sailing sports in Qingdao in an overall manner; second, targeting at enhancing solid mass foundation and improving racing results, we will improve the popularizing and training of the sailing sports simultaneously; third, with elaborate organizing and scientific planning as the core, we will hold world renown sailing festivals and thus try to build event brands; fourth, we will gather up forces from all sectors and reinforce promotion, and shape a splendid name card of the “Sailing City”; fifth, starting with standardizing management regulations and strengthen industrial management, we will continue to improve the sailing industrial chain, and achieve the healthy and stable development of the sailing sports in our city. Vice Mayor Wang Xiulin also expressed his wish that all departments, units, sailing clubs and manufacturing companies always view the forging of the sailing city and its significance from the perspective of city development. In light of the objectives of building the sailing city put forward by Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we will clarify every responsibility concerning the preparations for 2010 Olympic Sailing City Mayors and International Sailing Summit Forum which has been top of the agenda of the Qingdao Municipal Government, and ensure that every work is assigned and undertaken.

    Wang Haitao, General Manager of Qingdao Newspaper Group, Jia Yongfeng, General Manager of Qingdao City Construction and Investment Tourism Group, Che Chenglin, deputy director of Shinan Education and Sports Bureau exchanged their views on media advertisement, utilization of the Olympic venue, sailing sports training and popularization among juniors respectively. The city and district governments , directors from relevant departments of the municipal government, Qingdao-based colleges and universities, education and sports bureau at city and district-levels, sailing training bases, sailing clubs and sailing manufacturing enterprises also attended the meeting. After the conference, Qingdao Yachting Association held the 2nd session of the 2nd executive directors meeting, examined and adopted the proposal to add directors to the board.


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