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Laoshan Mountain
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    Laoshan Mountain

    Laoshan Mountain is known as the “No.1 Mountain on the Sea.” It is situated on the coast of the Yellow Sea with a summit 1,133 m above the sea level. It stands by the sea with magnificent peaks, fantastic cliffs and clear streams and waterfalls. It has been known from ancient times as the“immortals’ abode” and “fairyland.” The chronicle book “Qi Ji” says: “The high Mount Tai is not as good as Mount Laoshan.” Qinshihuang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty visited Laoshan. Emperor Xuanzeng of the Tang Dynasty assigned officials to come for elixir. Many scholars and celebrities visited here. Laoshan is also acclaimed as the“No. 2 Taoist Quanzhen Forest in the World” with 9 palaces, 8 temples and 72 nunneries. Laoshan Taoist priests are well known in history. Laoshan was affirmed by the State Council as a national key scenic area and by the Ministry of Forestry as a national forest park. There are three routes to Laoshan; the middle, southern and eastern routes. The Laoshan Scenic Area Administration Commission was founded in 1989. Its purpose is to protect, preserve and develop tourist resources. At present, the scenic area covers 446 km2, including 9 tourism areas and 5 restoration areas.

    The tourism areas include Jufeng (summit), Liuqing, Shangqing, Taiqing, Chessboard Stone, Yangkou, North Jiushui, Hualou and Dengying. The landscape restoration areas are located in Shazikou, Wanggezhuang, Beizhai, Xiazhuang Villages, Xifu Town and land and sea scenery spots in surrounding areas. Southern, middle and eastern routes to Laoshan were opened in the recent years. The Taiqing, Yangkou and Hualou cableways have been completed and boat touring routes recently opened. Laoshan is now a famous scenic holiday area in China.

    Address   :Qingdao Mt. Laoshan area Haire road 178