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Qingdao International Regatta2019 Notice of Race
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Qingdao International Regatta2019 will be held from Aug 14h to 18th. Here is the notice of race.

Qingdao International Regatta2019 Notice of Race(Draft0226)

August14th --August18th2019

The Organizing Authority is the Chinese Water Sport Administration, Chinese Yachting Association in conjunction with Qingdao Municipal Government, supported by Qingdao Major International Sailing Events (Festivals) Organizing Committee, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Sports, Qingdao Olympic Sailing City Development Association, Qingdao Yachting Association, China Marine Sports School, Qingdao Tourism Group and Qingdao Administration Center of Sailing Sport, sponsored by xxx

1. Rules

1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing(RRS).

1.2. The rules for the handling of boats will apply, and will also apply to any time when the boats are on the water.

1.3. Add to RRS41: (e) help to recover from the water and return on board a crew member, provided the return on board is at the approximate location of the recovery.

1.4. The prescriptions of the National or Regional Yachting Association will not apply.

1.5. If there is a conflict between languages, the English text will take precedence.

2. Advertising

2.1. In accordance with World Sailing Regulation20 (Advertising Code), the race committee may require all boats to display the event sponsor’s advertising on their hulls and/or on backstay pennants.

2.2. Advertisements of teams which are put on the racing boats by the teams must ask for permission of the organizing authority. The material of the sticker must be3M or others with the similar quality and the maximum size shall not be larger than400mm high and1800mm long.

2.3. The organizing authority have the right to refuse the teams’ advertisements which against the event sponsor or the local advertising laws.

3. Event and Eligibility

3.1. The regatta is open to domestic and international sailors (teams), teams may represent their cities, nations or clubs.

3.2. A tracker and engine working recorder for each boat may be required by the organizing authority, each team should keep it working properly during the race.

3.3. Handhold VHF Radio should be taken by each team.

3.4. Each team should have at least1 skipper and2 crews who are experienced in yacht racing. CVs of the skipper and the2 crews should be submitted for entry together with the certificates of the skipper and the2 crews. The required qualifications or certificates must be from MSA China,CYA, ASA, RYA or other equal organization or thraining authorities.

4. Classes

4.1. There are4 one-design Classes,J80, Fareast28R, Laser Radial Men and Laser Radial Women for this regatta.

4.2. The minimum number of entries for each class is5 respectively. The organizing authority may cancel the class if fewer than5 entries have been received by the entry deadline. If the total number of Laser Radial Men and Laser Radial Women is less than6, the organising committe will merge the two events as one event.

4.3. For technical specifications of Fareast28R class, please find the following

website: http://www.fareastboats.com/zh/home

4.4. For technical specifications of J80 class, please find the following website: https://www.j80.org/

4.5. For technical specifications of Laser Radial class, please find the following

website: http://www.laserinternational.org/

5. On-line Entry

5.1. For each team, there could be only1 team leader or coach and3-5competitors onboard for J80 boat,4-6 competitors onboard for Fareast28R boat,1 competitor onboard for Laser Radial. Thoes who attend the race of laser radial need to be born before August9th2004(15 years old or older).

5.2. Eligible teams may enter by completing the entry form at http://www.qdsailing.org/ and send it to sailingweek_qdya@163.com with all the copies of passports or IDs of all the team members. The entries should be received by the Organizing Authority no later than24:00 hrs (UTC+8), July 26th,2019.

5.3. Teams that received the E-mail confirmation letter of the organizing authority will be considered entering successfully.

5.4. The photo and introduction of the skipper, photos and VCR with all crews and the skipper in it(if possible), introduction of your team( within400 words), shall be received by Organizing Authority no later than24:00 hrs(UTC+8), July26th, 2018 and send them to sailingweek_qdya@163.com.

5.5. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

6. On-site Registration

Each eligible team shall submit the following documents at registration:

6.1. A copy of the entry confirmation.

6.2. Passports or IDs (the original and the scanned copy) of all team members.

6.3. equipment deposit and accommodation fee.

6.4. Proof of third-party liability insurance and personal accident insurancecomplying with NOR21.

7. Equipment Damage Deposit

7.1. An equipment damage deposit should be made at registration for each charter boat. The deposit forJ80 and FE28R is RMB6000. The deposit for laser radial is RMB3000.

7.2. All fees, including equipment damage deposit etc. should be paid in cash at the on-site registration.

8. Schedule

8.1. The schedule is as the following:

8.2. Up to11 course races are scheduled for the regatta. Not more than three races are scheduled per day.

8.3. The first warning signal of each racing day will be at13:00.

8.4. There will be no warning signal after15:00, August18th.

9. Equipment and Measurement

9.1. The organizing committee may accept15 J80 boats,15 Fareast28R boats and 15 Laser Radial Men and15 Laser Radial Women boats. Teams may bring their own J80 boat and Fareast28R boat for competition. After the registration, the organizing authority will have an equipment draw for the supplied One-Design equipment at the skipper’s briefing.

9.2. Teams could start to rig the boat, practice and clean the bottom at the instruction of the organizing authority after the equipment draw.

9.3. Cash deposit would be returned in full if the boats are undamaged in any way after the Regatta. Teams should pay for the repairing of the damaged equipment and the cost of it will be deducted from the equipment deposit. The organizing authority has the right to demand indemnification if the deposit is not sufficient.

9.4. The organizing authority may validate the measurement certificates of the boats; if necessary a measurement spot check may be taken before racing.

9.5. The organizing committee has negotiated special charter fees for the regatta as the following:

Class Charter          Fee(RMB)     

J80                           1000

FE28R                      4000

Laser Radial              500

9.6. Boats may be charted from14th August till the end of the regatta. If you need the boats from11th August to13th August for practicing, the charter fee for those days will be500.00 RMB per day for J80 boat,1500.00 RMB per day for FE28R,300.00 RMB per day for Laser Radial. Charter fee will be charged by the owners of boats. Please contact with the owners in advance.

9.7. The contacts details for the charter boat(J80 and Laser Radial) is as the following:

Ms. Meng(May)



The contacts details of QIMC for the charter boat(FE28R) is as the following:


Tel: +86-532-66560577

Fax: +86-532-66560577

E-mail: QIMC@qingdaosailing.com

Mobile: +86-13695321216

10. Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions will be available after the on-site registration.

11. The Venue

Please see appendix2.

12. The Course

Please see the Sailing Instruction.

13. Penalty System

13.1. Rule44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.

13.2. Decision of the jury will be final as provided in rule70.5.

14. Scoring

14.1. One race is required to be completed to constitute a series.

14.2. When five or fewer than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores. When more than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. When more than nine races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst two scores.

14.3. The score of the long distance race will be doubled, added to the total scoring the series and can not be discarded.

15. Berthing

Boats shall be kept in their assigned places in the boat park during the regatta.

16. Diving Equipment and Plastic Pools

16.1. Underwater breathing apparatus and plastic pools or their equivalent shall not be used around keel boats between the preparatory signal of the first race and the end of the regatta.

16.2. Swimming inside or within250 meters from the harbor of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre is banned.

17. Radio Communication

Race committee official channels is VHF72,reserved channel is VHF77,listen to channel VHF16. Handhold VHF Radio should be taken by the teams.

18. Photography Consent

By participating in this event, competitors automatically grant to the organizing authority and the event sponsors the right, in perpetuity, to make, use, and show, at their discretion, any photography, audio and video recordings, and other reproductions of them made at the venue or on the water from the time of their arrival at the venue, until their final departure, without compensation.

19. Prizes

Prize money will be awarded to the top3 boats in the overall series scores for each class.

For J80 boats and FE28R:

First Place:15000.00 RMB

Second Place:8000.00 RMB

Third Place:5000.00 RMB

For Laser Radial Men and Laser Radial Women:

First Place:6000.00 RMB

Second Place:3500.00 RMB

Third Place:2500.00 RMB

20. Disclaimer of Liability

20.1. Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

20.2. All the people on board must sign the Disclaimer of Liability.

21. Insurance

Each participant must have a valid accident insurance; the minimum insurance coverage is1,000,000 RMB. Original insurance document should display during the registration, if not, the participant may purchase the insurance onsite. Each participating team shall also responsible to have a valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of1,500,000 RMB for their competition boats..

22. Accommodation

22.1. Accommodation will be arranged by the organizing authority from14th-18th, Aug. The accommodation fee will be paid by teams and organizing authority together. Hotel reservation form must be received by the organizing authority no later than6th,Aug. The organizing authority will not guarantee the validity of the reservation submitted later than6th,Aug. The organizing authority will provide CYN100.00 as subsidy per person per night for the teams which stay in the official hotel designated by the organizing authority, other costs need to be covered by the teams themselves.Meals should be arranged by the teams.

22.2. Accommodation for Non-sailing participants. Team staffs (Non-sailing participants) may contact the Organizing authority for accommodation at recommended hotel in advance, which is suitable for the participants’ accommodation during the non competition period.

23. Sailing conditions

The average temperature in August is22 ℃ -30 ℃ and prevailing wind is force2-5 south &southeasterly and water temperature is22℃-25℃.

24. Others

For further information, please contact:

Local Organizing authority:

Name: Xin Kejiang, Meng Yuejiao,

Fax: +8653285916115

Tel: +8653285916115, +8653258702691

E-Mail: sailingweek_qdya@163.com

Address: Room1616, No.17 Xianggang Zhong Road, Qingdao, China,

Post Code:266071

Chinese Yachting Association:

Name: WANG Jiaxin



Address: Room306,Tiantan Sports Culture Center, No.74 Tiantan Dong Road,

Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Post Code:100061


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