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Qingdao Clipper Round the world Yacht Race Won the Double Crown and Ranked First
青岛帆船网 2019-10-12 10:50:00 

The Qingdao team, named"China's sailing capital" in clipper sailing race, took the lead in running the line and won the 3: spinlock South Atlantic challenge.

In the South Atlantic Ocean, a 3555 nautical mile long-distance competition was held. The Qingdao team took the lead in crossing the finish line at 07:06:12 on Friday, November 8, the world standard time, and won the first place in this section of the competition. This achievement once again consolidated the position of Qingdao in the first place in the clipper 2019-20 sailing competition. In the previous two competitions, Qingdao was the first in the total points ranking They are also in the top three.

After a 16 day race, the Qingdao team was the first to cross the finish line against the backdrop of Cape Town's iconic table mountain. Captain Chris Brooks made a speech:"I have been looking for opportunities to return to the square array of the army, and then two low-pressure systems came together, which is a perfect opportunity to follow a low-pressure one Go, and then turn to the second, which is our turning point. It was great to win the third race and the welcome from Cape Town was perfect

Chris added:"the crew are persistent, the team spirit is incisive and the operation is very skilled. What else can I hope for? What we can do before the start of every game is to actively prepare for and win, which is what we will continue to keep in the future: we will continue to strive to win every game."

This race is the third of the 15 races of clipper round the wld yacht race in the new season. 19 people from different professional backgrounds from all over the world form this race team. The crew includes farmers, teachers, students, construction workers from seven different countries, including two ambassadors from Qingdao, China. They represent Qingdao, the"sailing capital of China" Starting from Cape Este, Uruguay, we drove all the way to finish the competition and finally arrived in Cape Town, South Africa.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the regular daily life circle, these ordinary people embarked on an unusual journey of challenge by participating in the ocean sailing race. They sailed across the ocean in a large sailing boat, encountered several floors of high waves, and coped with the cold and cold environment. Finally, they arrived at the Victoria Alfred marina at the Cape Town stop after many difficulties and dangers The fleet will dock here for ten days.

Che Jinghua, director of the Sports Bureau of Qingdao municipal government and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Qingdao major international sailing events (festivals) sent a congratulatory message: warmly congratulation to Qingdao, Captain Chris and the crew for continuing to win the first place with absolute advantage in the third race of clipper round the wld yacht race, achieving the second and third consecutive championships and achieving the best record in the same period of history! Thank you for your efforts in Qingdao, the"Sailing City", which has won more world influence and international praise for fashion Qingdao. Looking forward to the next competition, you can continue to work hard, to create a better performance. In the early spring of 2020, welcome the warrior Qingdao home!

In addition to the 11:00 ranking points, Qingdao won the third place in Dell's tough Ocean Race in this race, and will receive a little extra points reward.

Clipper sailing team will stop at Victoria Alfred marina in Cape Town. Until November 17, the team will start the next 4500 nautical miles race. After starting from Cape Town, they will cross the roaring westerlies in the South Ocean and then arrive at Freeman in Western Australia. After bypassing the Australian coastline, they will arrive at the whensendies on the east coast of Australia, and then return to the north In the hemisphere, three cities came to China's competition area: Qingdao, Sanya and Zhuhai; after China's competition area set out, it crossed the vast North Pacific Ocean to Seattle in the United States; it transferred to New York through the Panama Canal; then it sailed to Bermuda, crossed the Atlantic Ocean again, and then to Londonderry; finally it returned to London in the United Kingdom, so that the sea warriors will complete the ultimate challenge and become the ring A Voyager.


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