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Sail in the East —— the Story of "East Sail Club"
青岛帆船网 2019-10-25 11:30:00 

Before the world rowing championship of the international canoeing Federation of the"Dongfan Association Cup" in 2019, Dongfan association was almost unknown. Although we don't know much about it, we just stepped into the public vision and sponsored a world's highest level event. Obviously, the strength and appeal of the East sail association can't be underestimated, and it has also successfully attracted everyone's curiosity and attention. In order to answer all kinds of questions about the East sail club, the author interviewed Mr. Liu, who is responsible for the operation of the East sail club. Through Mr. Liu's narration, the"mysterious" outline of the East sail Club gradually became clear.

"Dongfan fair" aims to promote the Oriental sailing culture

The name of Dongfan club first reminds people of an abbreviation, but Mr. Liu said that in fact, Dongfan club does not have a Chinese"full name". The English full name of Dongfan club is"coast Oriental Yacht Club", which means East Coast Yacht Club."Our focus is on the East, because the ancient sailing culture of our country is very developed, and the navigation industry of our country has been at the peak. Later, for historical reasons, the sea seemed to be a barrier between us and the outside world, and the maritime culture of the east coast represented by China began to decline gradually." Mr. Liu said that their experience of living abroad for many years made them feel that the Oriental maritime culture needs to be paid attention to and carried forward again. This is the original intention of the establishment of the East sail Association.

He said that at present, with the rapid development of globalization and China's socio-economic culture, China's navigation movement and navigation culture have entered a stage of vigorous development, which is also an excellent historical opportunity to revive and revive the Oriental navigation culture. Dongfan club wants to be a witness of the revival of Oriental maritime culture."To carry forward the Oriental navigation culture and the Oriental navigation spirit is always the core demand of the Oriental Sailing Association. We will spare no effort to let the world recognize the Oriental navigation power again."

Overseas founding team has global high-quality resources

Mr. Liu disclosed that the establishment of the East sail Club followed the co-founder mode. As for the number of founders and their identities, he said that the team did not want to expose more at this stage, but the common ground of the founders was that they all had overseas life and work experience.

"I have lived abroad for more than 20 years. Other members of the founding team are similar to me. They are all over the world, so they can get the most information about the development of navigation movement in different places." Mr. Liu believes that this feature of the team makes Dongfang sailing club always have an international vision in its development strategy, a sense of promoting the rejuvenation of Oriental sailing culture in its spiritual orientation, and an advantage of convenient communication between China and the West in its working methods.

Of course, due to the above characteristics of the founding team, DFC has the advantage of integrating high-quality resources on a global scale. At present, DFC has initially established a cooperation framework with local professional institutions in Europe, the United States and Australia. In the future, they will strengthen cooperation with China and introduce these high-quality resources into China, so as to promote the exchange and cooperation between eastern and western maritime cultures and promote the rapid development of China's maritime industry.

Focus on the popularization of the public and build a hydrophilic cultural platform

Although it is called"yacht club", Mr. Liu believes that Dongfan club is not the same as the yacht club in the general sense, and they are more inclined to build a hydrophilic cultural platform than a single project.

"You may all know that in many countries, the threshold of navigation is not high, which also contributes to a better mass base of navigation. In China, the navigation movement has developed rapidly in recent years, but there is still a big gap in terms of the popularity of the masses, so we hope to focus on reducing the threshold of navigation movement and promoting the popularization of navigation movement." Mr Liu said that this may mean a large investment and a long way to go."Fortunately, we have our own main business basically and have enough patience in long-term investment."

Mr. Liu said that although Dongfan club was established soon, the brewing process has been very long. Since last year, they have been increasing contact with the domestic navigation industry. During last year's ccor competition, they have facilitated the close contact between Royal Melbourne club and the domestic navigation industry. In addition, in order to meet the needs of future business development, they have recruited talents from all over the world and attracted many professional managers to join in, aiming to improve the operation quality."We advocate leading a different way of life, integrating all kinds of water sports, even non water sports, to create a hydrophilic cultural and social platform."

The sponsorship of the world rowboard Championships is the first substantial move of the East sail Association. Mr. Liu said,"this is because the rowboard movement is developing rapidly now, and because it has low threshold and is close to the people, which is very consistent with the development concept of the East sail Association. It's a pleasant cooperation."


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