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The World Rowboard Championship Came to An End and China Ranked Third in the Medal List
青岛帆船网 2019-10-27 22:50:00 

On October 27, the world Rowing Championships of the 2019 Dongfan Association Cup entered the final day of competition in Qingdao's third bathing beach.

At the 2.5km technical competition held on that day, the athletes set out from the beach holding the paddle board, which is a very ornamental way of starting. All the competitors hold the paddle board, rush into the sea at the speed of sprint, jump on the board, stand and wave the oar vigorously, and start from the five punctuation points arranged in advance to the sea for the competition around the mark. When circling the mark, the athlete will step on the end of the board, let the board head rise, quickly change the direction of the board head, bypass the mark, which is very competitive and ornamental. This also puts forward the requirements for the equipment. The all carbon fiber paddles or composite paddles used by the athletes in the competition are generally only about 10kg, which is convenient for the athletes to hold the paddles and start quickly.

Wu Yinglin, from Hong Kong, China, of the men's open team of the 2.5km technical competition, got the ninth place in the group preliminaries and was promoted to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, he ranked 13th in the semi-finals. He was one behind and missed the final opportunity. Followed by Chen Yanjun, a Shanghai player from the national team, was ranked 15th. Wu Yinglin, a Hong Kong player, said:"today's temperature is higher than yesterday, and the sunshine is also very good, which is suitable for rowers to compete. I am satisfied with my performance in today's game and have played at my own level. The big beach of the third bathing beach in Qingdao is very good, which is very suitable for the competition system starting from the beach. Moreover, the athletes are waiting on the beach close to the sea, so the competition mood is much better.". Chen Yanjun said:"his performance is very stable and his performance is good. But in the semi-finals in the afternoon, there are 23 players in the same group. It's very important to start and occupy a place when there are many people. Only when you start well and quickly can you take the lead." In the women's U18 youth group of the 2.5km technical competition held in the afternoon, Xu Haoting, a 17-year-old from the Chinese team, took part in the final and achieved the fourth result."I don't think it's good enough to play as well as she usually does," Xu said. Compared with a group of top international female contestants in this competition, I am still lack of competition experience and need to continue to train and compete more."

In this world championship, more than 300 players from 42 countries and regions participated in the competition for various events. Chinese players performed well in the competition, winning 2 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals in total, with 15 medals in total, ranking third in the medal list. China's national paddle training team sent 12 players, 6 men and 6 women, all aged 16 to 18, to participate in the competition. Jia chuantao, coach of China's national paddle training team, said:"in order to prepare for the world championships, players started training several months ago. There are many deficiencies in both the level of competition and the experience of participation, so the biggest significance of this competition is to train our team."

The closing ceremony and award ceremony were held at the North award platform of the Olympic Sailing Center. Lamy Zuer, chairman of the paddle board committee of the international canoeing Federation, Che Jinghua, secretary and director of the Party group of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of sports, Liu Yu, deputy director of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of sports, Peng Linwu, vice president of Qingdao navigation school of the State General Administration of sports, and other leaders and guests, as well as the partners representing Liu Dakai and Qingdao Xiaolei, Qingdao east Sailing Yacht Club Co., Ltd Representatives of the company attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

After the award ceremony, Ross soley, media director of the international canoeing Federation, delivered a speech on behalf of the international canoeing Federation. In his speech, he said:"first of all, I would like to thank Qingdao, the host city. Qingdao is the best choice for us to hold the first international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships. During the day, the paddle competition is staged in this perfect arena; at night, the lighting is gorgeous, the atmosphere is harmonious, beautiful and fantastic. The first international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships came to an end. This is a milestone event. Thank you all for your hard work. Thanks to China kayak Association, this event proves once again that you are sincere and reliable friends of the paddle sports group. Your determination ensures the perfect performance of the competition and inspires all of us. The international canoeing Federation will continue to work on the development of paddle sport. There are already several countries that want to host next year's World Championships. I hope we can get together again. Thank you to all the athletes, thank you to all the volunteers, thank you to Qingdao."

Liu Yu, deputy bureau leader of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of sports, delivered a speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee and announced the closing ceremony,"sincerely thank the international planning Federation and China Planning Association for their careful guidance; thank all member units, departments and all sectors of society for their strong support; thank athletes from all countries for their wonderful performance; thank technical officials, staff and volunteers at home and abroad for their hard work; thank media friends and sponsoring enterprises for their Support! The wind comes from the sea, and vitality makes wonderful! I hope the paddle time and Qingdao mark will bring you good memories and look forward to meeting again in the future!" Then, athletes, staff and volunteers took a group photo on the stage.

The paddle board project has been popularized rapidly in China in recent two or three years. Compared with the development of foreign countries in the past twenty or thirty years, it is obviously still immature. However, the process of catching up with Chinese players is not slow. In the men's and women's open group competition, although Chinese players did not win medals, several Chinese players also rushed to the final. Let's hope that Chinese players will continue to achieve better results in the next pulp board international competition.


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