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The first Oar Board World Championships Ended Successfully
青岛帆船网 2019-10-28 21:25:00 

On October 27, the three-day 2019 Dongfan international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships concluded successfully. In the end, Japan became the biggest winner, winning 7 gold and 4 silver. Australia ranked second with 4 gold and 1 copper, while China ranked third with 2 gold, 5 silver and 8 copper.

Focus on mainstream media

As an international A-level event, the world rowing championship of the East sail association cup has attracted the attention of many multimedia at home and abroad. A number of mainstream media from all over the country gathered in Qingdao to focus on the event and make full follow-up reports.

During the competition, the top players from all over the world fought in Fushan Bay and Taiping Bay, while many multimedia reporters were busy shuttling around the scene with various"long guns and short guns". It is understood that the open competition has attracted news media at all levels, including the people's daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, China sports news, China News Agency, tourism satellite TV (Hainan satellite TV), Dazhong daily, Qilu Evening News, Qingdao daily, Qingdao TV, Qingdao morning news, peninsula Metropolis Daily and other central, provincial and municipal news media to report and broadcast the event live, so that the golden autumn season Paddle tournament has become a hot event in Qingdao fashion sports.

At the same time, the event uses streaming media live broadcast, online red card punch and other ways to make the paddle World Championships become a sports event online red. Since the opening of the competition on October 24, we have invited netred traffic to keep track of the competition and the daily awards. With a live broadcast platform and other major live broadcast platforms, the host of netred has an average of 5 million online people, and 20 million people have participated in the live broadcast interaction of netred, spreading the related topics of the competition, which has played an unexpected positive social publicity effect. New means of communication make the mass coverage more diversified.

The most beautiful water court with beautiful scenery

The world rowing championship of the international canoeing Federation of the East sail cup in 2019 falls in Qingdao. As the venue of the first world rowing championship, the outer harbor pool and the third bathing beach of the Olympic Sailing Center are very beautiful, which are called"the most beautiful aquatic arena" by many rowers and citizens.

Rower Wu Yinglin was full of praise for the competition environment, he said:"the temperature of the recent two days has increased, and the sun is also very good, which is very beneficial for rowers. The big beach of Qingdao No.3 bathing beach is very good, which is very suitable for the competition system starting from the beach." He was happy with his game that day.

"Qingdao is the best choice for us to hold the first international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships," Rose soley, media director of the international canoeing Federation, said in a closing speech on behalf of the international canoeing Federation. During the day, the paddle competition is staged in this perfect arena; at night, the lighting is gorgeous, the atmosphere is harmonious, beautiful and fantastic. The first international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships came to an end. This is a milestone event. Thank you all for your hard work and Qingdao."

The most attentive volunteer service is full of enthusiasm

"Here are desserts and fruits. You can eat them!" In the lounge of the world rowing championship of the international canoeing Federation of the East sail cup 2019, volunteers are enthusiastically providing volunteer services for the participants.

It is reported that this volunteer service team is composed of 59 student volunteers selected by Qingdao University of science and technology. They work in various departments such as competition, logistics, media, activities, reception, etc. to provide volunteer services for all business outlets of the world championships, officials and athletes from all countries, and assist in the site services such as medical health, security, referees, etc.

"When I was a volunteer at the world rowboard Championships for the first time, I was deeply moved and happy." Du Yilin, a volunteer, told reporters that although he took part in the volunteer service for the first time in an international competition, he gained a lot.

The most enthusiastic audience cheered

As an international class a event, this world Rowing Championships is hosted by the international canoeing Federation, organized by China Canoeing Association, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Qingdao Municipal People's government, CO organized by the Organizing Committee of Qingdao major international sailing events (festivals), Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau, Qingdao Maritime Sports School of the general Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China, and Qingdao Tourism Group Co., Ltd., with a total of 42 countries And more than 300 players from the region, including some of the world's top players. The competitors rowed forward and competed with each other. The colorful surfboards decorated Fushan Bay and Taiping Bay. The wonderful competition attracted many citizens and tourists to watch it for free. Those who waved their arms enthusiastically and shouted for the athletes at the same time became a beautiful"landscape".

"Here, here..." In the vicinity of the terminal, there is a loud shout from time to time. The enthusiasm of the waiting audience seems to be ignited in an instant. They take out their mobile phones, click and clap, and shout for gas.

The world rowing championship of the international canoeing Federation of the East sail cup has increased the interest of Qingdao citizens in rowing, and many water sports fans are looking forward to participating in rowing.



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