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Make Paddle Sport a New Milestone and Starting Line for Qingdao to Develop Water Sports
青岛帆船网 2019-10-28 18:50:00 

On October 27, the four-day 2019 Dongfan international canoeing Federation World Rowing Championships concluded in Qingdao. In the world Rowing Championships, China's players performed well, winning 2 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze medals in total, winning 15 medals in total. The total number of medals ranked first in all participating countries, and the total number of gold medals ranked third.

This is the first time that the world Rowing Championships has settled in Qingdao. It is the largest and the highest level international rowing event held in China. It is also an international level water race added to Qingdao after the international sailing events such as clipper race, Volvo race, extreme 40 race, World Cup race and City Club international race. The"big family" of Qingdao International Water race has added new members. The event was sponsored by Qingdao to the international canoeing Federation as the main body of the bid. With the support of China Canoeing Association, it was finally held in Qingdao.

In recent years, Qingdao has made great efforts to create the city card of"Sailing City" by holding international water events. By holding various kinds of sailing training and activities related to water events, sailing is gradually understood and known by the general public. It also provides new ideas for domestic coastal cities to operate cities, expand tourism channels, explore folk customs, show Chinese traditional culture and enrich the spiritual connotation of cities. Unlike the traditional sailing events, the entry threshold of paddle events is lower and it is easier for ordinary people to participate. Ordinary water sports fans can also sign up as individuals to participate in the competition. The holding of the world Rowing Championships has further improved and enriched the types and forms of water events held in Qingdao, and also further enhanced the international influence of Qingdao as the"Sailing City".

As one of the co organizers of this competition, Qingdao Sports Bureau has always kept in mind its mission and made great efforts and contributions to the hosting of various international sailing and water events in Qingdao and the development and popularization of mass sports and fashion sports. Comrade Che Jinghua, Secretary of the Party group, director of the Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau and chairman of the Sports Federation, said:"Qingdao has a unique advantage in developing paddleboard sports. After more than ten years of accumulation and development after the Olympic sailing competition, not only major international sailing events have settled in Qingdao, but also mass sailing has been carried out in full swing. Sailing and other fashionable sports are known and accepted by more and more ordinary citizens and sports fans. As a new fashion sports event, Qingdao Sports Bureau will continue to promote the popularization and development of popular paddle sports in the future with the help of the Dongfeng held in Qingdao at the world paddle championship of the international canoeing Federation of the Dongfan cup. With the fashion sports events such as paddleboard as the carrier, Qingdao will display the open, modern, dynamic and fashionable international metropolis style, and contribute to the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City."

The popularization and development of paddle sport, the training and education of teenagers are important links. Therefore, it is related to the development and future of water sports to do well in the training of teenagers. As one of the co organizers of the world Rowing Championships, Qingdao Sailing School of the General Administration of sport is a public institution directly under the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China. It undertakes the promotion and popularization of sailing, sailing and other water sports, the training guarantee of the national team and the training task of reserve talents such as athletes, coaches and referees. It is also an active advocate and practitioner of the construction of Qingdao"Sailing City". Qu Chun, President of Qingdao Sailing School of the General Administration of sport, told Xinhua News Agency recently:"this year Qingdao sailing school has run 15 youth vacation camps and summer camps, all for the purpose of popularization. In addition, we also lead our own team to promote campus sailing. We can't make sailing into the campus into a general and experiential activity, that is, to take a boat to play and come back in an hour, so that children's deep feelings about the sport are still lacking, and their understanding of the sea is not in place. There are industry barriers for the contents of the sports sector to enter the education sector, which requires us to come down and give advice to the education sector in an active service attitude, contribute to them, and even take the initiative to do this, so that the education sector can recognize the importance of this sport for young and middle-aged education, and promote the physical and mental health of children, so as to attract them More educational institutions and parents are willing to join in the maritime movement."

The wind from the sea, unforgettable Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center this blue sea, here witnessed the sweat and passion of water athletes from all countries. Let's look forward to the next world rowboard Championships, and expect Chinese athletes to achieve better results in the future water competitions.


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