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2019 China Sailing City Exchange Meeting and China Sailing Hall of Honor Held in Hainan
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"As an important symbol of economic development and civilization progress of waterfront cities, sailing industry is an important carrier to change the image of domestic waterfront cities and promote their economic transformation and development." Recently, the 2019 China Sailing City exchange meeting, 2019 China sailing annual award ceremony and China sailing honor hall were held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, which announced the winners of 14 awards, including the best male and female athletes of the year and the best coach of the year. In his speech, Zhang Xiaodong, chairman of China Sailing Association, elaborated on the close relationship between sailing and the city. Qingdao element shines at the 2019 China sailing annual award ceremony and China sailing Hall of honor. Zang Aimin, executive vice chairman of Qingdao Olympic Sailing City Development Association and vice chairman of organizing committee of Qingdao major international sailing events (festivals) made a keynote speech. Che Jinghua, Secretary of the Party group, director of the Qingdao Municipal Sports Bureau and chairman of the Sports Federation, received the excellent Sailing City Award on behalf of Qingdao. After captain Guo Chuan, Wang Li, a Qingdao native sailing coach, once again climbed the Chinese sailing Hall of honor.

Li Quanhai, vice chairman of the world Sailing Federation, song Changrui, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial People's Congress, Li Ruilin, Secretary of the Party committee of the water center of the General Administration of sport of China, Xu Xianghong, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Department of tourism, culture, radio, television and sports of Hainan Province, Wang Lei, vice mayor of Haikou Municipal People's government, Li Jun, vice mayor of Jiujiang Municipal People's government, and national sports kinematics Wei Di, President of the school Federation, ye Huiwen, Secretary General of the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association, Dean Bassi, chief executive officer of the barkrana sailing Festival, Amanda van Santen, chief architect of boats and sailboards of the Royal Sailing Association, and other guests. The China Sailing Association signed cooperation agreements with the Royal Sailing Association, etc.

World Sailing Federation President and other domestic and foreign guests praised"Qingdao model"

As an important part of the 2019 China sailing annual festival, the China Sailing City exchange aims to accelerate the development of the sailing industry. The guests at the meeting offered suggestions for the development of China's Sailing City and hoped to contribute to the development of China's sailing industry and sailing city. This year is the second consecutive year for the China Sailing Association to hold a series of activities in Haikou.

The successful holding of China's annual sailing Festival and the building of the city sailing alliance have accelerated the development of China's sailing industry. It also won the praise of Kim Andersen, President of the world Sailing Federation."China Sailing Association has invested a lot of time, manpower and material resources to promote this charming sport in China. China's sailing industry now has too many places to be proud of, and the achievements have been seen and recognized by many countries in the world." Kim Andersen said.

Kim Andersen also stressed that the success of Qingdao provides a learning sample for other sailing cities in China."Now, I want to encourage the China Urban sailing alliance to learn from Qingdao and other international waterfront cities how to promote urban transformation. In fact, sailing is very easy to hold in the center of the city, which can change the perception of millions of people on sailing, and thus stimulate millions of people to participate."

Wang Jun, former deputy director of the General Administration of sport, said that the sailing industry has considerable prospects and can drive the transformation of the city."The industry value of sailing is very high, which can promote the development of sailing related products manufacturing industry. It can also promote the overall level of service industry in the city, such as catering, accommodation, urban construction and other aspects."

Qingdao makes keynote speech: Qingdao's experience in sailing Festival is recognized

Qingdao is a unique Sailing City in China. Since the bid for the Beijing Olympic Games, Qingdao has made an indissoluble bond with sailing boats. Qingdao's Olympic Sailing Center has long been a place for netred cards. Clipper round the world Regatta and other events landed in the West Coast new area of Qingdao, which makes this area a bright pearl."Every competition day, the sailing spots on the sea, the corporate sailing competition, the college students sailing competition, the mayor's cup, as well as professional international and domestic competitions add a beautiful scenery to Qingdao in the beautiful seashore. Building a sailing city has completely improved the image of Qingdao." Zang Aimin, executive vice chairman of Qingdao Olympic Sailing City Development Association and vice chairman of organizing committee of Qingdao major international sailing events (festivals) made a keynote speech, praising the help of sailing for Qingdao's image change.

Drawing on the successful experience of the world sailing festivals such as Kiel sailing week in Germany and Brest sailing festival in France, Qingdao has held the Qingdao International Sailing week since 2009, which has established the goal of building a first-class and internationally renowned sailing festival brand in Asia. As an important festival brand of Qingdao, Qingdao International Marine festival was founded in 1995. In 2014, based on the principle of complementary advantages, Qingdao International Marine festival was integrated into Qingdao International Sailing week as a whole. The combined sailing week and marine Festival highlights the international, open and participatory nature, takes sailing leisure sports as the carrier, international sailing events as the core, international sailing exchange as the main line, tourism promotion, business exhibition and industrial exhibition as the focus, covering sailing popularization, marine science and technology, youth sailing exchange, tourism, commerce and leisure and other characteristics, and becomes a fusion Blue economy, marine sports, marine culture and tourism, marine science and technology in one of the marine event, Qingdao to build a world-famous"Sailing City" and the construction of an international marine city brand Festival. Qingdao Sailing week · marine Festival, as the first national brand sports industry demonstration project in Qingdao, is known as the top ten festivals with the most international influence and the first ten brand festivals integrating culture and tourism in China.

Representatives from Hong Kong and Macao, China, and the Organizing Committee of baclana sailing week in Italy have made suggestions

Baccarat is one of the largest sailing events in the world, which is held in Trieste, a small Italian city. The race is usually held on the second Sunday in October. It can attract thousands of sailboats from all over the world to participate in the race. The scene is spectacular. Last month, the 51st Barclays Regatta just came to a successful conclusion. Mitja gialuz, chairman of the bucklana Regatta, said that the number of sailboats in the competition last year reached 2689, breaking the Guinness world record. This year, the number of sailboats in the competition exceeded 2700, with 18000 participants.

Barkrana Regatta is not only an event, but also closely linked with cultural activities. It has become a large-scale marine Festival, including the sharing of marine literature, drama, swimming and other activities."The success of our event lies in the close cooperation with the city, not only the government, but also the local communities and enterprises. Through the integration with local culture and other sports, it has become a carnival of community integration." The population of Trieste is only 200000, and the annual baccarat Regatta can attract more than 300000 tourists. It also promotes the development of local sailing manufacturing industry. It can be said that the barkrana Regatta is the most important cultural tourism image output of the small town throughout the year. The city takes sailing as an important carrier to spread to Europe and the world. The arrival of 300000 tourists has brought income opportunities to hotels and museums. The development of the hull industry also has a great impact on the local economy. Overall, the annual value of the event is 552 million yuan." As soon as mitja gialuz had finished the number, there was an exclamation. He believes that the successful experience of the bucklana Regatta can be learned from China. The most important thing is to strengthen the integration of the regatta with local communities, organizations and people.

In addition to mitja gialuz, Tang Cheng, President of Hong Kong Sailing Association of China, and Li Yue, vice president of Macau Sailing Association of China, also expressed their hope to have more cooperation with the mainland sailing industry to jointly promote the development and transformation of the sailing city. Tang Cheng revealed that Hong Kong has the longest history of sailing in Asia. Since he took office, he has been committed to promoting cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland,"including the training of athletes and the exchange of events, which has achieved unprecedented results. In fact, the sailing cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland has a long history. For example, the China Cup was jointly organized by Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Now with the concept of Dawan District, there will be more cooperation in competitions in Dawan district." Macao joined the world Sailing Federation in 2014. Before that, sailing was very popular in Macao. Li Yue also looked forward to the prospect of cooperation with mainland sailing cities,"next, we may invite ships from Shenzhen and Zhuhai to directly sail to Macao for competition. Previously, we have cooperated with sailing associations in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. With the development of the national policy of Dawan District, we want to take advantage of the characteristics of the special zone and the high level of the mainland economy, and improve our own level through cooperation with the China sail Association and the Guangdong Provincial Water Center." Li Yue said.

China sailing annual award ceremony leads the fashion trend of China sailing again

The 2019 China sailing annual award ceremony and China sailing Hall of honor announced the winners of 14 awards, including the best male and female athletes and the best coach of the year. Lu Yunxiu won the best female athlete of the year, Bi Kun the best female athlete of the year, Zhou Yuanguo and Gao Chuanwei the best coach of the year. Qingdao elements shine in the venue, and Wang Li, a Qingdao native sailing coach, has won the"Oscar" in the field of Chinese sailing for the second consecutive year. Eight cities, including Qingdao and Qinhuangdao, won the excellent Sailing City Award. Qingdao Tianze sailing, Shengshi Feiyang and other units won the Promotion Award of China family sailing competition. Qingdao Sports Training Center of Shandong Province won the annual national team collective contribution award.


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