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The Clipper Arrived in the Philippines, and Qingdao Won the Second Place
青岛帆船网 2020-02-15 14:58:51 

The sixth stage of the clipper round the wld yacht race in 2019-20 season"eternal tropical paradise Tour" is coming to an end, and all fleets are arriving at the Philippine Subic Bay one after another. Qingdao was the second to arrive at the port of the sailing club in Subic Bay, and won the second place in this stage. The other two Chinese teams, Sanya and Zhuhai, finished fourth and ninth respectively.

Chris Brooks, a British sailor, is the captain of the Qingdao yacht race team. In the six races completed in the round the world yacht race this season, Chris, the captain of the team, led the team to enter the top three five times, including the proud three consecutive championships. In this competition, Qingdao has a strong performance, starting from the middle position to counterattack until the last moment of the competition, and after getting rid of the shackles of several wind tunnels at the end of the competition, it has overtaken several teams to win the second place.

In order to congratulate Qingdao on its success in the 6th schedule, the Organizing Committee of Qingdao major international sailing events (festivals) sent a congratulatory message to captain Chris and all the crew:"warmly congratulate Qingdao on its top three in the new schedule, continue to be the top of the total points list, and thank Captain Chris and the crew for their joint efforts, adding warmth to the victory of Qingdao in the new spring. Looking forward to Qingdao in the next competition to continue to write brilliant, and then create a good performance!"

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was named as the"eternal tropical paradise journey" by the organizing committee. The original destination of the project was Sanya. Due to the current outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the British team of the clipper sailing team adjusted the schedule and changed the destination to Philippines's Subic Bay, sixth.

As one of the largest ocean adventure sports in the world, clipper round the wld yacht race is also considered as one of the most endurance challenging extreme events. The event was founded by Sir Robin Knox Johnston in 1996. Last year, sir Robin just celebrated the 50th anniversary of his successful solo round the world non-stop and non replenishment sailing. Clipper is the only sailing competition open to non professionals in the world.

The 2019-20 clipper round the world yacht race takes nearly a year to complete. It consists of 11 fleets, each of which contains a captain, a chief mate and other crew members from all over the world and from all walks of life, competing with the world's largest 70 foot long yacht race boat. At present, fewer people have completed sailing around the world than have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Moreover, nearly 40% of the crew members have no navigation experience before signing up for the competition. People from ordinary life make everyone extraordinary by sailing around the world.

It can be seen from the twelve consecutive clipper round the world Regatta that the number of Chinese sailors and fleets participating in the global marine adventure has set a record, and the strength of China's sailing has become stronger and stronger.

This is the first time in the 23 year history of clipper round the wld yacht race that three Chinese teams competed, namely, Qingdao, Sanya Zhuhai. They competed with eight other teams in the whole course of more than 40000 nautical miles around the earth. At present, Qingdao ranks first in the total points table with 67 points.


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