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"Little Superman" Online Class Will Be Launched Soon
青岛帆船网 2020-02-21 20:34:47 

In the"extraordinary period" of epidemic prevention and control, Qingdao Sports Bureau, together with Penguin sports, a well-known domestic live sports video platform, is jointly implemented by Qingdao Sailing management center, with technical support provided by qinghang center, and launched the"happy sailing OP little Superman" sailing network class, aiming to accompany young people through this period with sailing courses and contents, and to serve the majority of primary and secondary schools Students bring interesting sailing knowledge and pass on courage and methods to overcome difficulties.

This popular series of cartoon about young people's sailing knowledge will be launched on penguin sports from February 22 to March 28 at 19:00-20:00 every six nights. There are six programs in total, which will meet with the majority of primary and secondary school students in the form of serial. The course is a professional system with teaching and pleasure. From the understanding of OP sailing, it covers the practical skills in sailing, the history of sailing and the introduction of sailing events, so that teenagers can understand sailing knowledge, master sailing skills and experience the hardships of learning sailing.

It is understood that the op class sailing boat is also known as the experience class. OP is the abbreviation of optimist in English. The most important feature is that it can bring happiness to children and cultivate their independent ability. The ship has a small hull (length: 2.38M, width: 1.2m), easy to learn, high safety and unsinkable. It is mainly suitable for children under 16 years old to operate. It is a bit like the"kart" in the sailing industry, and it is the basic training for children's sailing. The first ship for nearly 80% of the world's sailing enthusiasts is the op class.

As the"sailing capital" of China, Qingdao is the host city of the sailing competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and an important member of the world sailing family. Over the years, Qingdao has been actively participating in the development of sailing. By holding high-level sailing events and youth popularization activities, Qingdao hopes to promote the exchange of youth sailing and promote the spirit of sailing.

In this cooperation, Penguin sports will give full play to the advantages of online content and interactive live broadcast, and online sustainable learning platform for geese instructors, so as to provide the majority of primary and secondary school students with interesting sailing learning content. At present, Penguin sports and China Sailing Association jointly launched the"extraordinary sailing class" which is being taught. The course has been widely acclaimed in the industry for some time since its launch, and has recently been on the platform of learning a powerful country. The content includes three parts: industry promotion, sailing teaching and sailing popularization. During the epidemic period, it provides sailing enthusiasts with multi-dimensional, rich and interesting sailing learning Content.

At 19:00 p.m. on February 22, the first issue of"happy sailing OP Superman" online sailing class"op sailing - karting in the sailing world" will be launched into Penguin sports.

Here is the operation guide for entering the live broadcast room:

1. Download Penguin sports app

 Apple Mobile: Search"Penguin sports" in app store, click"get" to download;

Android mobile phone: search for"Penguin sports" in the app store of this phone and download it;

2. Open app

2. After entering Penguin sports products, enter the live room number 10132378 in the search bar on the home page, enter the [OP Superman] live room, and then watch the live broadcast

3. After landing, you can send a bullet curtain, draw prizes, send gifts, etc. in the live room to participate in live interaction

Appendix: complete notice of six courses of"happy sail OP Superman"


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