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Completing the circumnavigation on Qingdao Dream catamaran, Hero Captain Xu Jingkun is about to return home in triumph
青岛帆船网 2020-06-11 18:10:59 

On June 4 of 2020, Xu Jingkun, Qingdao’s famous single-arm sailor, arrived in the Azores, Portugal with his Qingdao Dream catamaran, completing the three-year round-the-world voyage. He crossed the equator for five times and sailed a total of 34,000 nautical miles in this navigation, setting a Chinese record on Catamaran Circumnavigation.

The man who chases the wind seized the dream

In June 2017, Xu Jingkun started the voyage on Qingdao Dream catamaran from Turkey, crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Panama Canal, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Xu sailed 22,000 nautical miles and returned to China on December 6, 2018. After a short rest, on the morning of January 23 of 2019, the Departure Ceremony of Qingdao Dream catamaran Global Voyage (Hainan) was held at the Qingshui Bay Yacht Club in Lingshui, Hainan. 

Qingdao Dream catamaran set sail again from Qingshui Bay, Hainan, and continued its global journey. After going through Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, it entered the Indian Ocean, bypassed the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and returned to the Canary Islands at last. The whole journey is 34,000 nautical miles covering more than 40 countries and regions.


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