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Successful Conclusion of Qingdao-Shenzhen City Regatta “Tale of Two Cities” Meet in Shenzhen in October
青岛帆船网 2020-09-08 17:24:53 

After two days of exciting and fierce competitions, Qingdao Cihang Airport Cup Asia-Pacific Leisure Boat Summit Regatta& Qingdao-Shenzhen City Regatta 2020 ended in the afternoon, August 30, at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. Team Dolphin International Sailing Club of Qingdao Marine Technical College won the championship with its stable and outstanding performance.

Team Dolphin International Sailing Club, which won the first place in three consecutive roundsof course race on the first day of the competition, continued its strong momentum. It ranked top two in both the two rounds of course race and the final long-distance race, therefore scoring a landslide victory. Team CNSAILING Club from Shenzhen ranked second, while Team Huanghai Water Sports, Team Shandong Port, Team Qingdao Cihang Airport, Team Shenzhen Boating Industry Association, Team T&Z Marine and Team Qingdao Tourism Group ranked three to eight.

QingdaoStop welcomed a successful conclusion. Teams of the two cities will meet in Shenzhen in October to compete for ShenzhenStop. According to the overall planning of the event, the Qingdao-Shenzhen City Regatta will be held once a year since its launch this year, and will continue to strive to develop into a famous maritime competition.


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