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To carry on the Olympic spirit, enhance the global outlook and strengthen the intercommunication, 2010 International Sailing Week serves as an important event for the cooperation and development of the sailing sports.
2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week aims to promote the Olympic principles and showcases Qingdao Sailing City image. By holding a series of international sailing activities focused on culture, competition, business and tourism aspect, we expect to popularize sailing knowledge, enhance the development of sailing sports and strengthen the communication and cooperation among the international sailing federations and sailing cities, making Qingdao International Sailing Week a world-famous and widely recognized sailing festival.

Cocktail Party of the Opening Ceremony of 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week and Mayor’s Forum of Olympic Sailing Cities
Starting Ceremony of Mayor’s Cup Qingdao International Sailing Regatta
“Overstep the Dream” – Awarding Ceremony

International Forum
Olympic Sailing City Mayors& International Sailing Summit Forum 2010

Sailing Regattas
“Mayor’s Cup” Qingdao International Sailing Regatta(Qingdao - Dalian)
Qingdao International Teenage Sailing Training Camp and International Optimist Sailing Regatta
Qingdao International Sailing Regatta
Sailing Events of Sailing Week

Sailing Culture
“Dancing Sails” Summer Music Concert
“Charming Impression Qingdao”- Olympic Sailing Theme Museum day
Cultural Works of Olympic Sailing Regatta and International Sailing Festival
Qingdao International Beer Festival and Qingdao International Sailing Week interact with Shanghai International Exposition
Sailing Related Industry
“Cheers with the World” the 20th Qingdao International Beer Festival
Qingdao International Marine Exposition, China
China Northern Seafood and Cultural Gourmet Festival
Yacht Cruise
International Invitational Golf Tournament of 10 Chinese Cities
Qingdao Sampan Competition
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2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week
Qingdao International Beer Festival
The Cowes Week
The Kieler-woche
EXPO 2010 Shanghai China